The Association Abuse Information Exchange

April 22, 2024


After 12 years, the Abuse Information Exchange Association will cease to exist.


The importance of fighting network abuse is obvious. Cooperation between various parties was in its infancy in 2012. At that time, seven Dutch Internet Service Providers joined forces with SIDN to reduce the number of infected computers of their clients. Under the name AbuseHUB, which stands for Abuse Information Exchange, the Association collected information about infections from various sources for its members and processed it into a format that was easy for members to process, with filtering capabilities to efficiently and effectively identify key threats. As a result, infected computers were detected faster and customers could be helped better and faster. Thus, infections were fought more effectively and Internet security in the Netherlands was further enhanced. Looking back, we can report that at least 600 million incidents were passed on to members.

Also, members of the association gave each other a glimpse into their kitchen to share and inspire knowledge. Establishing the community was a novelty in 2012 and boosted mutual cooperation between organizations.


Last Wednesday, April 17, a meeting with members, former board members and technical experts looked back and toasted a great collaboration over the past few years. The importance of fighting cybercrime remains undiminished, but many members of the association have mostly set up their own systems, making Abuse HUB redundant. The government is also providing alternatives. The organizations remain committed to fighting abuse.


The association has established terms and conditions for use of statistical data, source code of the AbuseHub and documentation. If you want more information about this, you can contact ECP| Platform for the Information Society. ECP is the liquidator of the association.


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